Where's the pause button?

Max is 6 weeks old today!
This weekend he grew out of his newborn sleepers and his bassinet :( He's getting so old already! I need to find the pause button or before we know it he's going to be graduating from college. (OK, maybe mom's having a little postpartum hormonal rush.) But seriously, wouldn't it be great if we had a tivo remote for life and I could record Max laughing and cooing. Then when he's 13 and all like "whatever Mom," I could go to my playlist and select "baby max laughing" and then hug him for a few seconds. :)

Grandparents' bonus video: I'm sorry, but he's too cute to not share this... it's what prompted this sappy posting. He LOVES the mobile. That dangling frog is SO FUNNY!


Nana said...

This is like Tivo - Pa and I just turned on the mobile for Harry, didn't we? Max is such a happy baby. But, thank goodness everything is in dated order or I'd never know Max from Harry! Love, Nana

Susan said...

It's adorable to watch him follow it around. Now you will be able to watch it years from now (at least if the technology isn't outdated).