Play Ball!

We were over at Beth and Lach's to visit Alice and new baby Sam. (Future little league coach?) Lachlan gave Harry a ball to play with. For Harry, this was VERY EXCITING! and I mean that in all capital letters. Harry panted and giggled. So we rushed out to get Harry his own. As you can see here, the excitement continues...

Mr. Mom

The big switch-off occurred this week. Rob is staying home with Harry for the next two months while I get back to work. We've been trying to keep the Mr. Mom references to a minimum, but it's hard.
"Irv, clean up in aisle 5!"
Michael Keaton:"You want a beer?"
Martin Mull: "It's 7 o'clock in the morning."
Michael Keaton: "Scotch?"

Check back with us in a few weeks and we'll let you know if Harry has a woobie yet.

Things that I do now

I sit.

I eat orange food.

And oh wait, I have more news...

I have two teeth!

Until next year....

It's official

Uncle Joe has been Uncle Joe for awhile, but during vacation, he decided to make the title official...

Here, he's popping the question, and we're all waiting to hear the scream...
and here, Stephanie shows off her new jewelry...

Celebrating down at the bar

The North Woods

Harry had his first vacation up at the lake -- where the family has been vacationing for 50-plus years. Harry's namesake, Grandpa Cliff, grew up on a farm just down the street from the lake. Here, Harry relaxes on the beach.

He didn't like the life jacket AT ALL, but once the boat started moving, Harry was way into it.

A bath in the sink! You have no idea how intriguing and funny the faucet can be.

On holiday

We here at Hello Harry have been taking a little break. We bought a house, moved, quit a job, got two teeth, sat up, went on vacation......Don't worry, we'll catch you all up soon.