Heat Wave 2011

Sweet chubby cheeks like these get pink so fast, as this year's heat wave has proven once again! This is how they were after a 5-minute drive to the grocery store. We did have to wait outside a brief second so I could stalk a dad who was finishing up with this cool car/shopping cart, while the boys screamed "Get that car, Mommy!"

I think Harry looks like a teenager here.

I'm sure regular readers will not be surprised to read that Max continues to love to draw on himself and to run around without clothes on.

"Because that's how it works."

This is the refrain of my 2-year-old.

"Why did you climb out of your crib 36 times?"
"Because that's how it works."

"Why did you smack your brother in the face?"
"Because that's how it works."

"Why did you pour your milk on the table?"
"Because that's how it works."

The phrase is delivered as if he has the life experience of a 75-year-old, who has seen life's ups and downs. And we have no idea where he got it, or how he learned to use it in such a smart aleck way. Oh, Maxwell....You make life so interesting...

"Why did you steal that truck from your brother?"

"Because that's how it works."


Two little boys who could not be more ready for the waterpark!

Harry was a daredevil on the big waterslides, and went down time after time after time. Poor Max wanted to go sooooo bad, but wasn't big enough!

He made do in the toddler area.

We took a break from the water for a bit to do some bikeriding near Lake Geneva. Rob and his precious cargo.

Crabby passengers. They skipped naps so were both a bit whiny on the trip. They complained the whole way. ("Go faster!" "You're going too fast!" "It's hot." "There are bugs." Blah, blah, blah.) Then were mad when the ride was over because they wanted more!

Fake smiles. At least Rob and I had a good time!

All in all the trip to Timber Ridge in Lake Geneva was a blast, and we'll definitely be going back!