Rebel with a cause

...The cause is teething. Our little man was particularly grumpy one day, so I just went with it and gave him the appropriate hairstyle.

I will so kick your ass if you don't give me a teething ring this instant.

I'll be good, I promise...Please let me out!

A weekend of firsts

I'm ready for food!

OK, maybe not.

Seriously, I see what you guys eat, and it's much better than this.

First swing

Hey kids, wait for me!

Oooo...Brown Bear, my favorite..

I will sit up by myself and read it.

Do I have to go to bed already?

It was hard to get Harry's attention this weekend, with his two cousins sleeping over. He followed their every move and just wanted to play, play, play...

Can we pack him up and take him with us to our new place?

VERY excited!

Harry's First Crush

The first time Harry gave a really good belly laugh it was for our Mom & Baby yoga instructor, who just happens to be very pretty and very sweet. Man, did he work it. He laughed at everything she said. And I'm sure it's completely coincidental that she's beautiful and that every male in the yoga school follows her every move. Seriously, Harry, already? Anyway, she loved him. Here, he practices his yoga moves before class so he can impress her next time she comes around to our mat during the Mom & Baby yoga class.