On a roll

Due to technical problems, I was not able to upload my edited version of this video, so I apologize for the length! But at least it reminds you of how much work is involved in rolling over when you're 120 days old.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

These are the things that Harry loves at the moment:
1) The ceiling fan. (Sometimes I think I'm really hilarious because he'll be laughing hysterically at something I'm doing. And then a few minutes later, he will be laughing hysterically at the ceiling fan and I realize that I'm only as funny as an appliance.)
2) Baths
3) The green frog in his mobile
4) The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Today, he was in a full-on cry and showing no interest in calming down any time soon. We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and had instant silence. Here, Farmer Harry practices his itsy bitsy spider moves. (Not really, but it kind of looks like it, doesn't it?)

A Special Guest Appearance

.....by Sherie! She surprised us this week while she was in town for a quick work trip. Here, Sherie and Harry laugh as they exchange stories about what a messy roommate I am.

Fathers Day

In honor of Fathers Day, Harry decided to root for Dad's fantasy baseball team. His onesie bears the logo of Rob's fantasy baseball team, the Slipstream Starlings. It was a big hit.

Chatting up a storm with Grandpa Steve.

Fashion for boys

So once we found out the baby was a boy, I thought I had bid goodbye to days of fun dressing up the baby in cute little outfits. Girls clothes just seemed so much more interesting. Boys clothes were all about baseball and fire trucks and occasionally, safari animals. But Harry's gotten a number of hipster outfits that make dress up fun. Check this out....

The pseudo cowboy snap shirt

On his way to the Arcade Fire show at the Metro.

Wonder where he learned to dress like that.

A Visit with Alice

How cute are they? (Thanks, Beth, for the photos!)

Alice read Clifford the Big Red Dog to Harry...

A New Perspective on Life

Now that he can face outward in the Baby Bjorn, Harry is seeing the world in a new light. As you can see, he was very excited to be outside with Rob.

Could he look like more of a little boy in this photo?

Cubs fan

Didn't I tell you to quit with the photos already? I realize that you are very excited about my new Cubs hat...but seriously, give me a break....

(P.S. this hat was purchased by two lifelong White Sox fans. I am soooo calling the White Sox and turning them in. Their names are Grandma and Grandpa.)

Trip to the zoo

Harry learned today what all Chicago residents know -- that Lincoln Park Zoo rocks. Rob took a short break from work to meet us for a quick popsicle before we checked out the seals and the monkeys. After Rob left, I realized the difficulty in taking photos to document the trip while being alone with the baby in the stroller. Thus these photos aren't the greatest. If you squint hard you can see a seal swimming behind Harry, who is more interested in the black strap in his stroller than all the exotic creatures around him. I did take him out of the stroller in the monkey house, and he watched two small monkeys through the window for a few minutes.

Refusing to look at the camera. Maybe his cheeks are too heavy and drag down his eyes so he can't look at me when I call him?

First Babysitter

It had to happen. Rob and I decided our anniversary would be as good a time as any to leave Harry with a babysitter for the first time. So we called up Grandma and Grandpa, left them with a bunch of instructions and contingency plans, which was met with a lot of eye-rolling from them. ("Crystal, you're alive aren't you? I think we can handle it.") Then we headed out for dinner and a concert. By the second glass of wine, Rob and I were fine.
When we got home at 1 a.m., we convinced Grandma and Grandpa that the best Harry time is around 5 a.m. when he wakes up and wants to play for an hour. They agreed to get up with him. (SCORE!) You can see in this photo how awake Harry is and how NOT awake Grandpa is at 5 a.m.

Happy Times Are Here Again

Our house has been puke-free for 48 hours!

Watch out ladies....He's back in action