Harry discovers Columbus

We recently took a trip to Columbus to visit Grammy, and took a swing through the Children's Museum there.

Harry made friends in the treehouse with another little boy named Truman. That's right, Harry and Truman.

Harry didn't quite get the concept of the miniature room and tried to force the ceiling out of the way with his head.

Grammy gives the dance challenge a try.

Finally, a game Rob can't win...(Readers, please let me know if you've ever played a game with Rob that he HASN'T won.)

Taking a spin on the dance floor

And like every great place in Harry's eyes, it had lots of cars and trucks!

The World According to Harry

Harry likes to identify people he knows in his books, which makes for some pretty fun comparisons. Baby James is everywhere. I thought I'd share some others...

Here's cartoon "Pa." I guess it's the mustache?

Georgia...Hmmm, I kinda see it.

Alice (or more like "Ayice")...Obviously you see the resemblance with the curly hair, right?

Sam...a little blurry, but he's the blue one...this one I get...The next one, not so much...

"Frank & Nicki"
I can only think that it's because Frank wears glasses? and often has Nicki with him when we see them? But Frank & Nicki, don't feel too bad, because look at "Mommy"...

He also calls a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, who sports some super eyebrows, "Mommy." :)


We put this gate up in the hall one day to keep Harry from getting into trouble while we did some stuff around the house. We left a slight gap at the bottom so the cats could get through, but Mr. Harry Houdini quickly discovered he could slip through as well.