The real angry bunny

I was premature in my posting of the angry bunny video. The previous post doesn't quite capture it, while in this new clip, baby Max has fully embraced the character of Angry Bunny. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you....Angry Bunny...

Pumpkin Patch

Along with most of Chicagoland, we headed out to the pumpkin farm on Sunday. Seriously, they had to have cops directing traffic to the...pumpkin patch! Your tax dollars at work -- heading off road rage incidents in the pumpkin patch parking lot.
Anyway, Harry loved the hayride, straw tunnel, apple cider donuts and of course, the hundreds of pumpkins everywhere.

Disgusted after he realizes this is in fact not a real car.
"I'm outta here..."

Our pumpkin in pumpkinland

Harry trying to lift the pumpkin he has picked out. "Grrrrrrrrrrr......." While this boy has quite a will, he is not as strong as he thinks.

I'll just sit on it instead.

No way! A tractor ride too!
(Daddy's looking a little tired after several 4-5 a.m. Harry wakeup calls this week. But still he gets up early for the Sunday morning trip out to the exurbs of Chicago. That's why we keep him around.)

The Angry Bunny

Rob says this video accurately portrays our life these days. You have Harry trying to control the camera (and everything else). Harry deciding that he will sit on his baby brother's lap, all the while trying to disguise his bad behavior by speaking to Max in a high voice ("I know! If I talk in this sweet voice, they'll never notice me smack Max!"). Mom in the background with a constant refrain of "no, no, no," trying to act as the referee between the two of them. Harry sneaking in a swipe at Max. And then there's little Max. He has started this adorable snort thing that I like to call "the angry bunny." He uses it when he's excited, happy, mad, hungry or to vent out his frustrations, often brought on by older brother stealing toys.

And here's Harry doing his current version of Wheels on the Bus :)

Firefighter costume AND trains!

Could life get ANY better?
(p.s. We spent 30 minutes standing at a railroad crossing watching trains go by today. I've been on that same train line 45,000 times before, but never noticed all the fascinating things that can be observed by staring at it like that. It's clear that I need to study up on train mechanics. I'm making up words for train parts that I'm certain are not correct. Harry will be on to me by next week. )

I have nothing to do with this post. I'm just cute.
(Thanks, Grammy, for the cute bear jacket. We want to eat him up when he wears it.)

Look at 'em all!

That's what Harry said when we pulled up to the Illinois Railway Museum and he saw every kind of train imaginable.

"Seriously...can we move here?"

We rode one of the old trains, and sat in a Pullman sleeper car from the 1920s. Harry's Papa used to help build Pullman cars -- of course many years after this car was built (he's not THAT old :)

All of the boys enjoying the view from the old train. See the guy behind them? He's one of the many SUPER helpful volunteers, who are basically old guys who run around the museum grounds like little boys playing with the old trains. love it.

We also saw electric trains, subway cars, L trains, trolleys, freight trains....the list goes on and on. My favorite part was when Harry matched up the trains we were seeing with his favorite Thomas the Train characters. "Look! There's Salty!" he would say.
Harry's already asking when we can go back.

Is That Very Nice?

Most times, the answer to that question, Harry, is no.
But several times a day he tries to convince us of how nice he is to his brother by very gently touching him and saying in a very high pitched voice "Is that very nice?" But along with these little "very nice" episodes, he likes to poke Max in the eye and pull on his arms. Oh, and pull any toy he may have away from him.
Still, he is very excited to "get Max from his crib" and likes to entertain him, which is quite adorable to watch. When Max laughs, Harry will say very earnestly "You love your brother?" (He's still getting his pronouns mixed up a bit.) He follows that up with: "Baby Max is sooooo cute."

In other cuteness: