Look at 'em all!

That's what Harry said when we pulled up to the Illinois Railway Museum and he saw every kind of train imaginable.

"Seriously...can we move here?"

We rode one of the old trains, and sat in a Pullman sleeper car from the 1920s. Harry's Papa used to help build Pullman cars -- of course many years after this car was built (he's not THAT old :)

All of the boys enjoying the view from the old train. See the guy behind them? He's one of the many SUPER helpful volunteers, who are basically old guys who run around the museum grounds like little boys playing with the old trains. love it.

We also saw electric trains, subway cars, L trains, trolleys, freight trains....the list goes on and on. My favorite part was when Harry matched up the trains we were seeing with his favorite Thomas the Train characters. "Look! There's Salty!" he would say.
Harry's already asking when we can go back.


Angie said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can just feel the excitment from Harry with the trains. So awsome. luv angie

benandsherie said...

I swear I posted a comment here before. Where is the train museum??

Crystal said...

It's in your old hood -- Union, Ill.