Confessions from the mother of a swearing two-year-old

If Harry comes up to you and says a bad word, it is not our fault. We've been really good about curbing our trucker mouths, with the worst phrase Harry repeating from us being "Goodness Gracious!" but in the past few weeks we've had no sleep, bad colds and lots of change. In our sleepless haze, I guess we slacked a bit and a few bad words have slipped out here and there. Harry has caught each and EVERY one, then chanted it gleefully around the house.
We've learned our lesson.

Life with a newborn

Oh, yes, this is what it is like. Now we remember...

Max's Close Ups

After gaining a pound in a week, his cheeks could not be chubbier.

A picture worth a thousand words

This about sums it up.

Welcome to the World, Max!

Maxwell Francis
8 lbs., 3 ounces
20 3/4 inches
Born 5/4/09

The adorable Mr. Max

Max and Mom, tired but very happy to have another healthy baby boy and to have avoided a repeat c-section.

Max and Daddy getting to know each other

I see a resemblance here.

Big Brother Harry