Harry Houdini?

Harry went down for bed in the above position......When I went in to get this FOUR WEEK OLD a few hours later, he had moved 180 degrees and was facing the opposite direction!

The Grandma pose

Harry enjoys visits with his grandmas....

One month photo shoot

it's so tiring being this cute...

Reading books with Dad


After many attempts, Harry finds his thumb...


Harry is awake during daylight hours! He even made time to check out his mobile.

Harry's rock 'n roll lifestyle catches up with him....

Ella finally decides Rob will do...

After weeks of neglect, Ella decides to take affection where she can get it. For years, she has kept her distance from Rob. But with the new baby in the house, perhaps Rob is not so bad after all....

Harry Walks the Line

Harry breaks into his wardrobe of infant concert T-shirts. (this one courtesy of Aunt Sue.)

First Bath

While he screams bloody murder during the sponge bath, Harry liked his first real bath, and only cried when we took him out.

Tummy Time (in the middle of the night)

Harry loves the night life. Since he's so awake in the middle of the night, he got in a little workout on his abs.

New Hat

March 14, 2007

Welcome to the World

Here's Harry
Born February 27, 2007