Big Boy Bed!

We set up the big boy bed on the floor a few weeks ago, just to get Harry used to the idea. We figured he wouldn't really move to it for a few more months because he is a big lover of his crib. We were prepared for the move to be a big deal for him, but it turned out to be a much bigger deal for us. One recent night, Harry told us he wanted to sleep in his "big boy bed," catching Rob and I totally offguard. We stared wide-eyed at each other wondering what we should do. We went with it, and little Harry climbed into his "big boy bed" and went to sleep, just like that. No drama -- except for that on the other side of the door, where his parents desperately wished for a video setup to see what he was doing. Rob caved after 20 minutes and had to go in to make sure Harry hadn't rolled off the bed and hurt himself in the 6-inch fall from the mattress to the floor. Harry was still in bed and looked at him like "Dad, I'm trying to sleep." I checked on him approximately once an hour until the morning. We were much better by the next night.

But then....on night 2, Harry discovered the freedom that comes with the big boy bed and when we put him to bed that night, he escaped no fewer than 9 times. Each time he'd run out with this mischevious grin on his face and look at us challenging: "AHA! What are you going to do about this? I'm free!" So we spent about half an hour marching him back to his bed that night. The next night, there were only about 4 escapes, and they decreased each night. The past few days, he's gone right to sleep (except for the one night he snuck his harmonica into bed and played it over the monitor for us). He didn't seem to notice when we moved the crib into the nursery yesterday, but we'll see if he changes his mind when there's a new inhabitant in it!

I'm free!

Someone's coming...

Dad has painted the nursery...

Mom is getting huge and uncomfortable...

Harry is......well, 2. He has finally conceded there is a baby in Mommy's tummy, and that there is a baby's room in our house. But his main interest is that the baby will have an "umbibi cord." In our various big brother books, he is fascinated by umbilical cord stumps shown on the newborn babies.

We've decided that with all the chaos ahead, Harry should take on some chores. Here he grocery shops at the Strack's with his own shopping cart ;) The contents of his shopping cart? Boxes of "mac and cheese," which he tried to open in the store when his supervisors were not looking.

See you later!

Post your guesses on whether Harry is having a baby brother or baby sister in the comments section!

I wish I had a camera!

Unfortunately I have no photos to illustrate the extreme cuteness of this, but when I dropped Harry off this morning with Auntie Steph, he was very, very excited to go to the park. His excitement soon spread to Georgia, who joined in his chant of "Go Park."
Auntie Steph told the two jammy-clad tots that they had to get dressed first, so Harry grabbed Georgia's hand and they toddled off together down the hall, holding hands.

No Birthday Cake?

Those words were actually uttered by my son. Let's take a look at how it went down...
Harry liked to hear everyone singing Happy Birthday.

Flashback: Here's Mom at 12:30 a.m. the day of the party finishing the Elmo birthday cake.
Let's take a closer look at it...

But our little man, who considers a graham cracker to be the biggest sweet in the world, did not want cake! "No birthday cake! No cank you Mommy!" he said. (cank you =thank you)

I guess it's a good thing to NOT want all that butter and pure sugar? I just don't understand it.

Because it was Harry's birthday, we let him enjoy all his non-cake favorite foods -- Puffs, Elmo crackers and goldfish crackers. His peeps approved of the spread. Georgia, Harry and Sam feast on the snack buffet.

Happy Birthday Harry!

How did you get to be 2 already? Thank goodness you still have those chubby cheeks! (You're constantly on the move. The only way I could get this photo was by turning Elmo on.)

This is how most of our photos turned out. By the time I snapped each one, you were already jumping off the chair to run off and play!

February Fun

Harry had a nice visit with Aunt Sue and Maggie.

Harry and Dad at their Saturday swim class. After every class Harry gives this report: "Swim with Daddy. Face water. Play kids."

Elliot and Samantha were in town, so everyone came over to play. Here, Harry notices that Ben is reading Alice and Elliot a book. He quickly devises a plan to get in on it.

Harry squirms his way in for a prime seat, front and center between the girls.

Pizza party with Sam, Alice, Elliot and Sam (in highchair)

Harry seems to have noticed that Alice is older and wiser, so during one visit, he decides that Alice must obviously know how to read books to him. Here he removes the book she is reading to make way for the Lightning McQueen book he wants to read. Then he tries to sit in her lap, not realizing he is almost as big as her.

He scores his spot and directs Alice to "read book."