The Swim Meet

We were lucky enough to get to see Sydney and Cameron compete in a swim tournament last weekend. The boys were completely silent and amazed for the first 10 minutes we were there, as evidenced by the photo below, of Max taking in all the action without a sound.

"Wait! I can't see! Let me press my face against the glass!"
"That is MY cousin racing there!"

"Seriously, she was robbed!" -- Max
Sydney is just wiping the water from her eyes here. (Although seeing them swim and work so hard brought tears to my eyes!)
When Syd got back from her race, Harry looked at her like she was a superstar. He was very impressed.

The boys cheers:
Harry: "Go, Everyone, Go!"

Indiana Thanksgiving

We headed to "Aunt Kafee's" (as Harry would say) for Thanksgiving. Here's Max eating an apple as big as his head.

Documentation that Max actually does sleep. He has been diagnosed by Aunt Kathy, the pediatric nurse practioner, with "FOMO" aka "Fear Of Missing Out." As soon as he hears Brother, or Daddy, or the cat, or someone breathe, he is AWAKE! even if it's 4 am. He must know what you are doing! I fear what this means for his college years. As a toddler, he only passes out when absolutely exhausted. Here he is pictured sleeping on a couch with a college football game on the big screen in front of him.

Harry somehow thinks that to smile you must close your eyes completely, so every photo we have, if you haven't already noticed, has him closing his eyes.

Harry, Daddy and Great Grandma Margaret. (Harry always calls her "Great Grandma Margaret" and ONLY that." :)

Syd and Max, looking like a teenager from the 50s!

Harry and Max hanging out with their cousins. Cam is more elusive in photographs, but Harry was his constant shadow throughout the visit.

Fall catch up

I love how different two little people can be! Harry does not like projects; Max loves them. When we had Harry, I daydreamed for a little helper in the kitchen! But Harry does not like things that have scents or for anything liquidy except for water to touch his hand. Then comes Max, who loves to bake and cook. He loves to smell and taste things.

Helping Mom make cookies. He must taste every ingredient.

Flour is not as tasty as sugar, he decides.

The boys checking out ducks at the new nature boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. Love it!

You are probably past the point of caring about apple picking, but oh well...


For all you Chicago area readers, you may want to bring Nicki along next time you go apple-picking because she climbs impressively high. You may be able to make her out through the leaves. The orchard we visited was pretty picked over, so we had to send her up to get the apples we wanted.

The boys convinced Frank to ride the apple train with them.

A wagon! Harry dreams of the day when we can have a wagon!

"There are three more apple doughnuts in here. I am quite positive I can eat them. Why won't you make this happen for me?" -- Max, 16 months.
Notice the sugar all over his face. He has already eaten one himself and begged more from everyone else.

Ladies...Watch out for these boys!

1-2-3.....1-2-3.....Yes, the brothers practicing their dance moves. They started doing this on their own after watching an "Arthur" episode about dancing. But I love how they go from sweet boys dancing to "Let's-hit-the-wall! ahhhhh!" Boys, boys, boys....