Harry's First Poker night

At two months old, Harry made his first appearance at my poker club. Despite his lucky poker onesie, we were the big losers -- we lost a whole nine dollars! (We each only put in $20 so that's a lot in this high-stakes game.)

He wasn't the only baby there -- Shia brought baby Ari as well.

Two month photo shoot

Harry at two months, then for a reminder, a photo of him at one month.
Here's another month two photo:

Oh, is the camera rolling?

Harry loves talking to the black-and-white picture hanging next to his changing table. Here, after 15 minutes of talking to the square, circle and triangle, he gets a little cranky. That is, until he notices the camera. Then, he lays on the charm. (The video is a little long, but you'll be rewarded with a big smile at the end.)

An eye for trends

Harry apparently has an eye for what is hip. According to US Weekly (not that I read it or have a subscription to it or eagerly check my mailbox for it), Harry and Suri Cruise have the same favorite toy -- a bee on top of a flower, which is pictured below. He talks to the flower, reaches for it and tries to grab the rings.

Sunday morning naps are the best

Chicago Baby

Harry's a good sport and agrees to model my favorite onesies. (This one from Aunt Steph.)

Then he got right back to work with some baby push-ups.

On the Road Again

Harry had a great time in Indiana this weekend, playing with his cousins and delighting the crowd with his newly found smile. It was his first time meeting cousin (and future babysitter ;) Maggie and Great-Grandma Margaret. We went down to Indy with one two-door car that elicited nothing but curse words (only a few more months for those!) each time we had to put the car seat in the back. But we came back with a four-door car from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Phyllis that seems like a limousine in comparison.

Hanging out with Aunt Kathy and Sydney.

Hi Maggie!

Chatting with Sydney

Syd, you are too funny

Seriously, this girl cracks me up.

Grammy introduces Harry to Great-Grandma Margaret for the first time.

Four generations

We shall see in about a year (or less) if Harry has the same walk as dad and grandpa.

Go Cubs

Even though it's too big, Harry begged me to put on his Cubs outfit for the team's home opener. (Thanks Aunt Steph)

He does a cheer....

Maiden voyage to Indiana

We headed to Indiana for Easter, where Harry clearly does not get enough attention.

You caught me!

Friday Night Dinner

Harry was in a very social mood when Jeannie and Mike came over for dinner. No naps for this one!

Family self-portrait

Aunt Angie comes to stay

What's this? I think they call it a hand?

When Harry Met Sydney (and Cameron...and Uncle Jeff)

Uncle Jeff works some magic on a cranky baby.

Ready to run

Check out my cool fake shoes