Turn His Eyes On?

After 6 weeks of "No Baby Max," big brother caved and decided he wanted to hold Max. We set him up with the boppy and hovered, ready to jump in at any moment. But after 4,000 times of hearing the phrase "Be gentle, Harry," the meaning of the words appeared to sink in. Harry was surprisingly gentle. He cuddled baby Max, studied his tiny features and even gave him a kiss. Max was sleeping through this first interaction, so Harry pointed at baby brother's closed eyes and said: "Turn his eyes on, Mommy?"

"Harry play baseball"

For Father's Day, we tried out the new T-Ball set.
Dad teaches Harry the correct stance.
Taking his first swing. Action shot!
Running, running, running
Every time Harry retrieved the ball, he would run back and throw it at one of our feet. Maybe he's trying to tag us out? The good news is he hit us every time, so he appears to have good aim.

Fairy Gotcha and the party boy

I busted the song "Frere Jacques" out for a recent bedtime, and it's become a Harry favorite.
His two-year-old translation of the title: "Fairy Gotcha."

* * *

We went to a barbeque at Aunt Angie's house recently, where Harry monopolized the push cars that some other kids had brought. Our little dictator gave each adult present a turn pushing him up and down the block though, ordering PaPa, NaNa, uncles, aunts and strangers to "push Harry." Since then, he frequently says: "I go Angie's party?"

"Uncle Joe push you."

Where's the pause button?

Max is 6 weeks old today!
This weekend he grew out of his newborn sleepers and his bassinet :( He's getting so old already! I need to find the pause button or before we know it he's going to be graduating from college. (OK, maybe mom's having a little postpartum hormonal rush.) But seriously, wouldn't it be great if we had a tivo remote for life and I could record Max laughing and cooing. Then when he's 13 and all like "whatever Mom," I could go to my playlist and select "baby max laughing" and then hug him for a few seconds. :)

Grandparents' bonus video: I'm sorry, but he's too cute to not share this... it's what prompted this sappy posting. He LOVES the mobile. That dangling frog is SO FUNNY!

For those who love smiling newborns....

Have I got a video for you....

(You may want to watch on mute so you don't have to listen to mom's annoying cooing.)

Harry and Ba-lack Obama

On Election Night someone brought over a sticker that had the Obama Hope image on it. Harry was intrigued and started asking who "the man" on the sticker was. Soon, he was identifying Barack Obama every time he saw him in the newspaper or on TV. He'd say "Ba-lack Obama. He pre-di-dent." Last week, he surprised us by identifying Obama's voice on the radio. (I swear all of this is happening without any brainwashing attempts from us!) But the best was the other day when Harry saw Obama on the TV, threw up his arms and said "I Yove Ba-lack Obama!"

(cute onesie is courtesy of Georgia, whose mom made this great find. We took advantage of the cuteness and had aunt steph photograph harry in it too.)

City Boys

In Chicago, you have to declare your allegiances early. Cubs or Sox? Harry and Sam make their choice clear in the above photo, taken at the park this morning. Let's hope there's less heartbreak involved for the boys than there has been for the previous generation :) Love the "No. 1" sign, Sam.
(Note: Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see Harry clapping and Sam's No. 1)

Harry or Max?

UPDATE: Thanks for playing my game! The correct answers are: Harry = 1,4,5 and Max = 2,3,6....I think I made the point that they look just a little bit similar! Next time, I'm going to make sure I dress them completely identical. I didn't notice that I dressed them in different socks here, which was a clue some people used to tell them apart.

Here's a game for you dear readers...These are photos of Harry and Max at one month. Can you guess who is who? (I'll post the answers after we get a few guesses. No fair peeking at early Hello Harry entries!)