The Toddler

Harry officially took his first steps on July 5th. Today, we finally got a video. Here's a look at why he is now a toddler:

Vacation Part II

More vacation photos:

Harry spent his time on the beach taking toys out of this basket and then putting them back in.

Dad and Harry on the beach

I can do it myself!

Alice and Elliot check out the ocean from our deck.

Harry and Sam get a squeeze from Alice.

The housemates the night before departure.

A retrospective...

Beth, myself and Sherie as roommates in 1997. Sherie is wearing the "going out" shirt, which is a garment we fought over when deciding who would get to wear it out on Saturday nights. (I later met Rob while wearing the "going out" shirt.)

And here we are in NC in 2008, now sporting an entourage of 8 other people (3 husbands, 5 children.)

On the way home, we had a whole day to kill waiting for our flight, so we toured the U.S.S. Wisconsin in Norfolk. Here are Rob and Harry on the deck.

A Grand Finale!

We had Aunt Angie's baby shower on Saturday. Check out this video!


Note: I apologize for the delay...But we've been on vacation here at Hello Harry...Be sure to scroll down, because I've finally caught up on the past month.

We just returned from a week on the Outer Banks, after sharing a beach house with our friends Alice, Sam, Beth, Lach, Frank and Nicki. It was a most excellent vacation!

After a day of planes, trains and automobiles, the group surveys the ocean.

It was worth it!

And you know who else was there?

Baby Samantha, and Elliot, and Sherie and Ben...all just down the beach!


Lara and Mike drove down for a few days too!


A fairy princess! She visited us almost every day!

Ben's family has been doing this trip for decades. We were first introduced to the awesomeness of the place at Ben and Sherie's wedding a few years (or two children) ago. The family graciously invited us to a NC crab boil...While we all learned how to crack open crabs, Harry gets down to business on some watermelon...

Afternoon nap for the kids = Cocktail hour for the adults

Chasing Alice around the house.

Harry contemplates the ocean...

Hmmm...pretty cool.

"We weren't doing anything..."
These two were hilarious. They seemed to have their own language, and each could make the other crack up laughing when using said language.

My truck! (or Truh...if you're Harry)

They did this spontaneously. I swear.

More to come...

Maggie visits!

Cousin Maggie came to spend the week with Harry. Every morning when he woke up and saw her there, he was gleeful. By the end of the week, she was "Maahhh..."

Harry made Maggie wait on him hand and foot. FASTER, Maggie!

Aunt Sue also came to visit, and we had a BBQ for the 4th.

"I'm not sure I should touch anything here." (Harry on the CTA train to Millennium Park.)

We all went out to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Harry strategized well. He moved from lap to lap, eating from nearly everyone's plates by the time he was done.

The Water Park

One recent summer day, we were out for a walk, and stumbled upon a baby sprinkler park just a few blocks from our home. Score! Mom had not prepared for such an occasion but it was hot, and the sprinklers looked so fun....we just stripped down to our diaper and went for it...(luckily we had our cute Cubs diaper on.)
Harry loved it. But you can see for yourself...

Harry flirts. (You better watch it or we'll tell Georgia!)

I don't want to go home!

We returned later, once Dad got home...

And then on the way home, we saw a skywriter...