Indiana Corn

Playing in Nana and Pa's backyard.

This is what they look like when you catch them on game day.

"climbing" a tree

Testing out the new deck that Pa built.

Running, running, running...

The city boy tries to stand up without actually touching the grass.

A smile from Baby James.

Count Dracula's Halloween

The count joins a Halloween parade with Alice the princess and Sam the lumberjack.

Marching in the parade with Mommy and Beth.

"I'm scary!" (or scared of the other kids in masks.)

Then it was onto Aunt Angie's house so we could pass out candy to the trick or treaters with baby James. Unfortunately, the first trick or treater to visit was the scariest kid I've ever seen -- he was dressed in a black hooded robe with a horrible mask and a 5-foot-tall sickle. He was alone and scared Harry to death. From then on, he didn't like Halloween so much....

The count awaits the trick of treaters. (Notice the neighbors' scary horror movie display in the background...)

Dracula breaks for a snack of his favorite Elmo crackers or "El-mo cack."

Why won't Baby James stop crying? (He did not like his costume very much :)