Swinging in the snow

I keep telling Harry that spring is just around the corner, and soon we'll be able to stroller over to the park all the time. Yesterday, cabin fever set in, so we drove to a park next to an L station and watched the trains go by....and by.....and by....and by...

Turns out this is very fascinating for a little boy who is obsessed with all things that have wheels.

He even cried when we left.

Think you like food?

Check this out...

Harry's been busy

At last! We have our camera back.
Check out what Harry's been up to lately:

The commando crawl is still his main way of getting around town, but the past week, he has crawled a few inches the real way. He's also pulling up a lot.

Playing cars in his new cow print diaper. He is so serious about playing these days that you often can't finish dressing him before he's trying to dive off the changing table down to his toys.

Driving around the house on his new car

Lots of chatting. He also does a wiggle dance on command (usually). And this week he has started tickling himself as a way to get you to tickle him. More later, but here's a video that showcases some of his new activities.

Harry's First Birthday (and First Sugar High)

To mark Harry's first year, we got the families together at Grandma's house for a little party, with cake and presents. (Thanks everyone for making the drive!)

Notice the paper...(cahrs, cahrs)

Maybe I should eat it?

Aunt Steph gets arty with her camera. Aren't chubby baby hands the cutest?

Meltdown alert! I am overstimulated!

I mean it!

OK, I'm calm now. Get me some cake!


Make that Mmmmmmmm........

Sugar crash

After the party, Aunt Steph brought out her Xbox and the game "Rockband." OK, I thought, we'll give it a shot, play a game or two, then probably head home.

EIGHT hours later, Rob had a blister on his hand from playing Rockband guitar. We were all going blind from watching the game on the TV, but we could not stop!
How could we, with Grandpa playing Foo Fighters on the drums? Grandma sang Radiohead twice. Aunt Steph sang for nearly ALL of the 8 hours we played. And you should see Uncle Joe and Uncle Aaron on the medium level!

Harry watched us a for a few minutes, then amazingly went to sleep in the room above us. During one David Bowie song where Rob was singing and I was playing drums, Harry laughed so hard at his parents that he shed tears. (And he's only one. I can't wait until he's a teenager.)

It started innocent enough. Grandpa plays drums while Dad rocks out on guitar.

Dad sings David Bowie, while Uncle Aaron takes over on guitar.

I don't understand why Harry was laughing at us. I mean, look how awesome I am on drums.