At 'the bean.'

Dancing at the Wiggleworms concert at Millennium Park. He also rushed the stage.
"This is so awesome."
I wish I had a soundtrack to go along with this photo. So much giggling!
Harry takes on the Millennium Park face fountain.
Sleeping on the L. Yes, the baby who never sleeps fell sound asleep on the el on a day when it was packed with drunk twentysomething guys going to the Cubs game. ????????


Harry is in a daddy phase right now. So last night, when he wanted to play trains with Daddy alone, he said: "Can't you leave, Mommy?"
It had been a long day, so I said: "You're hurting my feelings."
And he replied: "Can't you get a Band-aid?"
* * *
But after that, he gave me a hug WHILE he said "Can't you leave Mommy?"

So Rob and I just celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary (our 7-year anniversary of our first date -- both happened on June 4th!). We were in romantic Galena -- with the kids. So here we are hiding quietly in the front living area of our hotel room so as to not wake the two sleeping children, one of whom managed to take up most of our king-sized bed! We did sneak some wine from a bottle of Ravenswood (a wine we drank upon getting engaged.) but we both worked afterward. :( The next morning, we both woke up clinging to the edges of the bed, while Harry slept horizontally across most of the bed! (Little Bedhog!)

They look so tired.

But we have good news on this front! Little Max, who chooses the path of MOST resistance for everything, slept 7-7 this week. Oh glorious morning!

But he's so cute, little summer baby.

We went to the park with Sofia, Georgia and June but hadn't planned for the sprinkler to be on. ("Mommy! I want to go in the sprinkler!!!!") So we stripped to our diaper and went crazy with the other kids.

This photo screams summer.

Harry and Georgia Part II. (I shouldn't say that. They are their own adorable people. They are June and Max. But these two are so flirty and cute, I can't take it.)


Harry is adamant that we take the CTA wherever we can, and he is obviously soaking in every detail. I peeked in on Harry playing trains today, and heard the following:
"Smoking and littering are prohibited on CTA trains."
I felt like I was on the train, he used such an important-sounding voice for that announcement to his train table.
He's so accurate, maybe it's my reporter genes coming through!

Finding one's self

Max has had enough. A year of big brother stealing his toys, and he's done. Harry, being a toddler, wants whatever toy Max picks up, and generally just takes it. And generally, Max just hands it to him, so sweetly, or just ignores him and moves on. (We do serve as constant referees, but we can only do so much.)
But the past week, something changed.
Harry moved in to take the Thomas train Max was playing with, and Max held the train out of Harry's reach, behind his head, and just shrieked.
And, when Harry went to grab the train at issue, Max used whatever tool was at his disposal, grabbing hair, biting skin, smacking.
Little brother is fighting back.
The first time this happened, Harry laughed. I laughed too (not so he could see) because it was so unexpected and adorable. Little brother showing us some of his personality. And part of me felt like Harry deserved it. Of course, when wrestlemania is taking place in front of me with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old, I'm like "well, this is a new problem to figure out." And then I flash forward to 5 years ahead, when they're 8 and 6, and I'm frightened, but...for now, I'm a little bit proud of Max. If you haven't noticed by the stories, he's quite a fireball, that little one.

Harry the Hiker

Harry in the Giant City "Streets" in Giant City State Park. (Have you been? You have to go! It's very cool. Detailed info to come in the Explorer's Guide Illinois!)

This is in Garden of the Gods Recreation Area in the Shawnee National Forest. (yes! in Illinois!) Harry and I did this hike alone and it was all breathtakingly high cliffs. Unfortunately, Harry has inherited my lack of gracefulness (some may call it clumsiness.) So, while I took photos for the book, even though we were 12 feet from the cliff edge, I made him hug onto my leg because I could picture him falling spontaneously from a standing still position and rolling down a cliff. (I am a worrier, it is true, but if you've seen this kid in action, you know what I'm talking about.)
I let him sit for this photograph on a high cliff, although I was freaking out all during the photo shoot that he would suddenly fall backwards and roll upward off the cliff!

More hiking with Mommy through Garden of the Gods. He actually did a really good job. I didn't have to carry him through this moderate-level hike.

Just a cute picture of him playing in a fountain in Vandalia, Ill. (home of the SECOND state capital!)

Family picture at Cave-In-Rock State Park.

I hike too!

Max and Mommy at Giant City State Park. He loves hiking, especially if Mommy runs down hills.