Harry is in a daddy phase right now. So last night, when he wanted to play trains with Daddy alone, he said: "Can't you leave, Mommy?"
It had been a long day, so I said: "You're hurting my feelings."
And he replied: "Can't you get a Band-aid?"
* * *
But after that, he gave me a hug WHILE he said "Can't you leave Mommy?"

So Rob and I just celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary (our 7-year anniversary of our first date -- both happened on June 4th!). We were in romantic Galena -- with the kids. So here we are hiding quietly in the front living area of our hotel room so as to not wake the two sleeping children, one of whom managed to take up most of our king-sized bed! We did sneak some wine from a bottle of Ravenswood (a wine we drank upon getting engaged.) but we both worked afterward. :( The next morning, we both woke up clinging to the edges of the bed, while Harry slept horizontally across most of the bed! (Little Bedhog!)

They look so tired.

But we have good news on this front! Little Max, who chooses the path of MOST resistance for everything, slept 7-7 this week. Oh glorious morning!

But he's so cute, little summer baby.

We went to the park with Sofia, Georgia and June but hadn't planned for the sprinkler to be on. ("Mommy! I want to go in the sprinkler!!!!") So we stripped to our diaper and went crazy with the other kids.

This photo screams summer.

Harry and Georgia Part II. (I shouldn't say that. They are their own adorable people. They are June and Max. But these two are so flirty and cute, I can't take it.)


Kate said...

awww, you 2 are so cute.

as are june and max. I've taught the girls well -- always go for an older man.

benandsherie said...

ok, you can't lead with 5 year anniversary romance into "we have good news!" and not let it be that baby #3 is on its way. not fair. you got my hopes up. Yeah, I guess I'm happy Max slept, too, but geesh ;-)

Crystal said...

Oh my did NOT mean to give that impression!

Kate said...

ps stealing your mishmash idea - hope you don't mind. : )