Finding one's self

Max has had enough. A year of big brother stealing his toys, and he's done. Harry, being a toddler, wants whatever toy Max picks up, and generally just takes it. And generally, Max just hands it to him, so sweetly, or just ignores him and moves on. (We do serve as constant referees, but we can only do so much.)
But the past week, something changed.
Harry moved in to take the Thomas train Max was playing with, and Max held the train out of Harry's reach, behind his head, and just shrieked.
And, when Harry went to grab the train at issue, Max used whatever tool was at his disposal, grabbing hair, biting skin, smacking.
Little brother is fighting back.
The first time this happened, Harry laughed. I laughed too (not so he could see) because it was so unexpected and adorable. Little brother showing us some of his personality. And part of me felt like Harry deserved it. Of course, when wrestlemania is taking place in front of me with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old, I'm like "well, this is a new problem to figure out." And then I flash forward to 5 years ahead, when they're 8 and 6, and I'm frightened, but...for now, I'm a little bit proud of Max. If you haven't noticed by the stories, he's quite a fireball, that little one.


Kate said...

go Max! I can totally relate to this whole description. (As a younger sibling, of course.) Ha ha.

Most of the time June puts up with this stuff too, except she started bawling the other day when Georgia took...the bathroom scale away from her! That baby LOVES our bathroom scale for some reason.

Nana said...

I can flashback to 30 years ago and it happens in every family - only girls don't generally want Thomas the Train - it was the Barbie van! We're proud of Max, too, becoming a little man!

Beth said...

And then just wait til the next phase..... the "I am younger than you and INTENTIONALLY TAKING THINGS AND RUNNING AWAY JUST TO PESTER YOU" phase. Oh, wait. Was that just a description of my house?