A Halloween Preview

This is our little Count Dracula. (Notice the recycled ringbearer tuxedo!)

The Boys

Mini-Rob and mini-Lachlan negotiate who is going to drive the car.

Harry will push and Sam will drive.


Both wanted to read the truck book, multiple times.

Alice and Harry test out our new alphabet door.

Ella's 24-hour adventure

Ella gave us a bit of a panic last weekend. She snuck out on the back deck while we were out there Saturday night, only we didn't notice. Thus, we shut the door and locked her out overnight. Because she spends most of her day sleeping in various hiding places, we didn't discover our mistake until the next afternoon. Then, we were frantic. She's never really been outside and for those of you who have met her, you know she can be a bit neurotic. We organized a search party (of Frank & Nicki-- Thanks guys!), plastered the neighborhood with flyers and visited the animal shelter. Harry joined in the search yelling "El! El!" from his stroller. About 10:30 p.m. Sunday night, our neighbor knocked on our back door, and in ran Ella. He found her in his grill. Have no idea how she got in there. But she's back, phew.

Aunt Steph and Uncle Joe Get Hitched

"@#$%^&*! paparazzi!"

He did it! Harry walked all the way down the aisle and fulfilled his ringbearer duties. Luckily he was starstruck by the other 4-year-old ringbearer. So when the 4-year-old said "Take my hand, Harry" he did and the two walked all the way down the long, long church aisle. CUTEST THING EVER! Rob and I were both in the wedding so we were unable to take photos, but I'll post some as soon as we get them.

The bride waits in Mom's car outside the church.

Mr. & Mrs. N.

Mr. Harrison waits patiently for his dinner. He made it until the first dance. After that, he marched to the exit and said "All done! Bye-Bye!"

My handsome boys.

Harry is hours past his bedtime and hyped up on cake in this family photo.

Crunchy leaves and other fall things

Who is this little boy? Where did baby Harry go?

Conquering the playground

Chasing pigeons in Lincoln Square

Reading a book with Sofia after the farmer's market

Nice to meet you James?

Although he talks about Baby James alot ("Ba-ee Jay"), Harry hasn't exactly responded warmly to James yet. Here they meet up close and personal for the first time.

Update: This weekend, Harry was very intrigued when James opened his eyes and we told him that James also likes trucks.

On the road

On a recent visit, Cousin Cameron let Harry take a spin in his supercool car.

"C'mon Cam, let's go!"