The spacemen

Buzz Lightyear who refuses to wear the purple hood Mom made for his costume.

Astronaut Harry activates his jet pack

In case you needed a closer look at the jet pack. It is a recycled soda bottle :)

Yes, I am in fact, Buzz Lightyear.

Harry and James waiting for the fun to begin.

The paparazzi captures the boys' first trick or treat stop of the year.

DJ Lance and Brobee, professional trick-or-treaters ;)

My sister's neighbor puts on quite a display. He grows giant, award-winning pumpkins then picks a theme each year and carves the pumpkins to keep with that theme. Last year, it was Charlie Brown, this year the Pixar film "Cars." It is usually quite a hit with our crowd. Here, Harry takes in the pumpkin versions of Lightning McQueen and The King or "Fa-king" as Harry says.

Tow Mater Pumpkin. I believe the numbers relate to the poundage of each pumpkin.

Who could resist this?

"Look, I'm Linus!" said Harry. (This makes sense if you've recently watched "It's A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" It's hilarious if you've watched it daily like Harry has.)

Thank You Guys! Amen!

Harry loves his new preschool, which just happens to be a Christian preschool. The other day before we ate, he broke out in a new song that he learned in school.

It went something like this:

Thank you guys, Thank you guys. For this food, we thank you guys. Amen!

It wasn't until he got to the Amen that I realized we were supposed to be thanking someone other than "guys." ;)

Blast off!

The space obsession has fully taken hold. At our house, we eat "spacefood" and we drink "spacemilk." All of our art projects must relate to stars, galaxies (colliding galaxies, Mommy), astronauts and spaceships. We read the space books from cover to cover daily. The bed is a spaceship, the cabinet (once cleared out of all pots and pans) is a space capsule and the stroller is a moon rover.
So, we thought a trip to the planetarium might go over well.

The space commanders blasting off in their rocket! (They also were able to suit up, visit a space station, visit the moon and work the spaceship!)

The brothers working together to fix the ship! They are very serious about this work!

Astronaut Harry with his space pack.

There may be a membership in our future. ;)