Harry's stats at one year

Height: 30 1/2 inches long
Weight: 23 pounds, 9 ounces
His giant head measures 49.6 cm, confirming that it is indeed giant (90th percentile). But it has to fit that huge brain, right? ;)

The pediatrician summed it all up for us: "He's a big boy!"

Big enough to go out to dinner. Here he is at a recent family dinner to meet Uncle Joe's family. He loved eating off of Mom and Dad's plates, and showing everyone his cars.

If I had my camera, we would also have postings about:
--Harry as Popeye (doing a dance when I bring a dish of spinach out for him to eat.)
--Harry's new "I love you." (He puts his head on your shoulder and cuddles whenever you say it, then gives a big smile.)
Just a couple more weeks and I should have it back! Until then, Aunt Steph has promised to keep us supplied with new photos.


Our little man is 1 today!

And one year ago today...

An Obsessed Household

Harry is OBSESSED with "cahrs, cahrs, cahrs." Anything with wheels is a "cahr," including bikes and strollers. When I want to give him a real treat, we go to the Toyota website and watch videos of cars. (We know how to have serious fun here at Hello Harry!)

And I'm preparing for Rob's annual obsession to take hold, as I just heard mention of the fantasy baseball draft. Pretty soon, he will start disappearing every 15 minutes to check baseball stats on the computer.

But luckily I have my own obsession: Our new cloth diapers. After a year of the cloth diaper service (thanks grandma!) we decided to branch out into the type you wash on your own. So far, it's been great...And look how cozy and cute!

This is the personalized diaper that I just ordered. It's my favorite.

How do you like my diaper?

Team players

Dear readers: Our camera is broken! Luckily, I'm behind enough that I have some photos to use until we get the camera fixed. Starting with:

Harry & Sam

One recent Friday morning, Harry and I went over to Beth and Lach's so I could watch Alice, Sam & Harry. That's THREE children. I know the Stephanies of the world who always have two children under 1 will laugh, but I plotted out in advance what I would do in the worse case scenario of both Harry and Sam crying at once, while Alice ran around hungry and thirsty. The bouncy seat and the exersaucer would save me! With those, I could contain one while dealing with the other. However my fretting was all for nothing. These two little guys were very cooperative, tag team napping so only one was awake at a time! For part of the time, both of them slept so I got some fun quality time with Alice. And just a few weeks away from 3, she was incredibly helpful as an assistant. She had lots of babysitting advice when they were awake. To Harry's crying: "Why don't you put him down for a nap?" To my holding Sam: "Why don't you put him in the bouncy seat?" :) I am happy to report that I am no longer fearful of watching 3 children at once, especially if it's these three funny little ones.

See...I fit

Dad made this onesie for Harry, before he was born, and now he finally fits into it!

I can't put my arms down

Harry does his best imitation of Randy from "A Christmas Story."

He tries to make a run for it before we can add more layers of clothing.

The zoo

Harry met Sofia at the zoo, where the two found the lions to be hilarious, until the female lion stood at the bars, stared down at the two babies and roared, roared, roared. Their little lips quivered and they both started crying.

Even at lunch, they're still skeptical about this whole zoo thing.
Harry: Mom, explain why it is fun to have a gigantic scary cat make loud noises at you?
Sofia: Yeah!

The ultimate distraction: A gourmet lunch of Cheerios.

I'm trying to talk to Sofia! Leave me alone...