Team players

Dear readers: Our camera is broken! Luckily, I'm behind enough that I have some photos to use until we get the camera fixed. Starting with:

Harry & Sam

One recent Friday morning, Harry and I went over to Beth and Lach's so I could watch Alice, Sam & Harry. That's THREE children. I know the Stephanies of the world who always have two children under 1 will laugh, but I plotted out in advance what I would do in the worse case scenario of both Harry and Sam crying at once, while Alice ran around hungry and thirsty. The bouncy seat and the exersaucer would save me! With those, I could contain one while dealing with the other. However my fretting was all for nothing. These two little guys were very cooperative, tag team napping so only one was awake at a time! For part of the time, both of them slept so I got some fun quality time with Alice. And just a few weeks away from 3, she was incredibly helpful as an assistant. She had lots of babysitting advice when they were awake. To Harry's crying: "Why don't you put him down for a nap?" To my holding Sam: "Why don't you put him in the bouncy seat?" :) I am happy to report that I am no longer fearful of watching 3 children at once, especially if it's these three funny little ones.

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