An Obsessed Household

Harry is OBSESSED with "cahrs, cahrs, cahrs." Anything with wheels is a "cahr," including bikes and strollers. When I want to give him a real treat, we go to the Toyota website and watch videos of cars. (We know how to have serious fun here at Hello Harry!)

And I'm preparing for Rob's annual obsession to take hold, as I just heard mention of the fantasy baseball draft. Pretty soon, he will start disappearing every 15 minutes to check baseball stats on the computer.

But luckily I have my own obsession: Our new cloth diapers. After a year of the cloth diaper service (thanks grandma!) we decided to branch out into the type you wash on your own. So far, it's been great...And look how cozy and cute!

This is the personalized diaper that I just ordered. It's my favorite.

How do you like my diaper?

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