Harry's stats at one year

Height: 30 1/2 inches long
Weight: 23 pounds, 9 ounces
His giant head measures 49.6 cm, confirming that it is indeed giant (90th percentile). But it has to fit that huge brain, right? ;)

The pediatrician summed it all up for us: "He's a big boy!"

Big enough to go out to dinner. Here he is at a recent family dinner to meet Uncle Joe's family. He loved eating off of Mom and Dad's plates, and showing everyone his cars.

If I had my camera, we would also have postings about:
--Harry as Popeye (doing a dance when I bring a dish of spinach out for him to eat.)
--Harry's new "I love you." (He puts his head on your shoulder and cuddles whenever you say it, then gives a big smile.)
Just a couple more weeks and I should have it back! Until then, Aunt Steph has promised to keep us supplied with new photos.

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