Do not give up on me

We are moving in nine days, and packing, packing and more packing is pushing blog updates off the to-do list. Do not give up on us! I have a camera full of cute pictures to share. I will do that soon! In the meantime, here are some photos of the boys in the new house:

"Mommy, How can I climb this tree?"

Big McKenzie Lake 2011

"We have you booked for next week." -- Resort owner when we arrived after a 9-hour drive crammed in the car with two toddlers.

(Insert expletive of choice here, because I said them all.)

Eventually we got it worked out. YES, these are from two months ago, but dear reader, I want to catch you up! My family squeezed into a lake cabin with Nana and Papa, who were hoping to stretch out in their big cabin. Ha! There were people everywhere, but I think everyone had a nice time :)
Nana and Papa watched the kids one day so we could go out fishing and have a break at The Landing, the shoreline bar that you can drive your boat up to and dock it!

Self-portrait by Harry, who is loving the camera these days, and seems to have quite the eye.

Harry's portrait of Auntie and Uncle Joe, who is sporting some awesome vacation hair!

Dinner accomodations. Yes, Harry is sitting on a box of wine. We were in the wilderness, people! We needed to stock up on supplies!

We spent a rainy day at the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, which has giant panfish...

and a two-story tall Muskie! That's us in the mouth!

Daddy and the boys, showing just how big the fish is!

Great-Grandma Margaret reading to some very interested boys.

Harry's arty portrait of his brother. (Look at those curls! Sigh.)

Building Lego skyscrapers and rockets with Papa.

Harry testing out their creations. Note the squinty eyes as he pictures it FLYING in the sky!