Sing a song

Sometimes when Harry wakes up, we can hear him singing over the monitor. In fact, he's taken to singing songs quite often. He's written his own song to the tune of "Elmo's song" that involves lines about dump trucks, Mommy, Daddy and Georgia. Here he does his own rendition of a Wiggleworms favorite "I'm Very Tall..."


Daddy and Uncle Aaron set up the train table on Christmas Eve.

Beforehand, Harry shows Baby James how to "gobble. gobble" like a turkey.
Smiles from a red-headed baby James.

Every present Harry opened, he immediately said: "I hold it" and wanted it unwrapped. However, getting each toy out of the box often required several adults and multiple tools. WHY do they package them like that?

The excellent train table Grandpa Bob made Harry for Christmas.

Christmas morning!