We did our tour of Indiana for Christmas again. First stop, Fort Wayne...

What is this? Rip the paper, you say?

Oh, there's something under the paper?

Hi Frosty. My new friend.

Onto Crown Point...Merry Christmas!

I've written a song for this occasion.

There are presents here too!

This is TOTALLY mine.

Grandpa, do you like my bib?

When is Santa coming again?

Who are you?


And you are???

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Pre-Christmas, we met our friends Kris, Drew and Sofia (a recurring guest star) for Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. It started snowing while we were there -- so it was totally quiet, only we were in the middle of the city. Harry had a chance to try out his new snowsuit from Grandma.

There are wet pellets hitting me in the face. I have a scratchy wool thing around my neck. Why is this fun?

Pretty....(In mom's voice...)

Dad, you are cracking me up.

The boys

My BFF Sam is here to play! Yay!

I know you have a sister who will teach you lots of fun things, but I need to show you a couple fun boy things.

Let's start with my new wrestling move. It's best to do this when they're trying to change your diaper. You can do this or pee on them. Anyhow, you start with a kick like this....

Sam obviously already has the flirting thing down...

Visit with Grandma

Grandma came to babysit and brought Harry his first Christmas gift. Wrapping paper seems similar enough to his favorite thing, the newspaper, that unwrapping the gift was a VERY FUN activity.

Special delivery

Harry and his morning paper

Who says kids today don't read newspapers?

Happy Thanksgiving

Harry did a tour of the great state of Indiana for Thanksgiving.

He had a grand time with his cousins Syd, Cam and Maggie (who left before the editors could get their act together to take a picture. We'll get that next time!)

Harry has a heart to heart with Uncle Joe and Uncle Aaron...


Changing of the guard

Dad's back to work, so aunties have taken over while Mom goes back to work...

Harry and Auntie Steph

Harry and Auntie Angie

Bob the Builder

Harry got to see Bob the Builder twice in one weekend.

Here's the first one....

(aka Grandpa Bob the Builder...Here he's building us some shelving!)

And here's the other Bob the Builder...

Cousin Cam gave Harry some of his Bob the Builder toys, which are VERY FASCINATING to little Harry now.

We allowed Grandpa Bob a short break to hang out with Harry :)

Won't you be my neighbor?

Now that we live within walking distance to Frank & Nicki, they come over to play all the time!
(And for some reason, when they come over, I must put both hands in my mouth in every photo.)

Ladies, Ladies....There's enough of me to go around

Seriously though, Harry had a swell time on his playdate with the lovely Miss Ada.

The drooly duo having a grand old time...

What exactly is going on in there?

I put Harry down for a nap today, and when I went in to get him a couple hours later, this is what I found...


Eight months old

Grammy's new house

This weekend, Harry went to Grammy's new house for the first time.

He woke up in the middle of the night because of his new tooth, but you wouldn't know it the next morning!

Visiting with Great-Grandma Margaret

Trick or Tweet

Why, exactly, do I have to dress up like a chick?

Happy Halloween?

What's even better than one baby chick?

Two baby chicks!

Harry's friend Sofia likes the costume; Harry still is not convinced.
(Thanks to Alice for the costume!)

Morphing before our eyes

It's official...I have green eyes...

...and look at this smile now!

Temporarily possessed by Billy Idol