Live Truck Action!

Harry woke one recent morning to the sight of a cement truck, a dump truck and a skid steer outside his bedroom window! (Our neighbor is putting in a new driveway.)
This is how he spent the rest of the morning:

Our new favorite store

Because it's an awesome store with fantastic gifts, home accents, baby clothes and jewelry...And eco-friendly!

Plus, look at these nice shopkeepers!

A shopper peruses the beautiful jewelry selections. (Doesn't she look a lot like the mom from Two Little Tidbits?)

On Opening Day, the hard-working duo is toasted with some champagne by thrilled shoppers.

You can see more of the new store opened by our good friends Jeannie and Mike at

Indy 500 mini-marathon

We headed to Indy a couple weekends ago for the Indy 500 half-marathon, where part of the race is run on the speedway track. We thought it would be a very appropriate first race to take little Harry to.

"I thought you said this was the Indy 500. Where are the cars? All I see are people running? If I don't see a car soon, I'm going back to my nap."

After the race, the runners -- Mom (who was extremely happy to finish), Uncle Jeff (who completed his first half-marathon just 10 months after donating a kidney. That's right, a kidney. We think we'll keep him around), cousin Randy (who was very fast, and shared the great tip that beer will help you recover from a long race) and Aunt Kathy (who was speedy herself despite an injury.)

"Mom, I was very nervous that you wouldn't finish."

"But you did! Yay! Is that salt all over your face?"

"Whatever...Look! There's an airplane!!! (the latest part of Harry's transportation-themed obsession)

Harry also got to hang out in cousin Cameron's room -- which is all about Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder.

"I did not know such a beautiful land as this existed."

"Syd, I am very busy playing Thomas right now." (he did say "Syd!" this weekend!)

"I'll be ready to run the race next year!"