If you had 4 back teeth coming in at the same time, you might try to fit your entire hand in your mouth too

Reading books

This weekend, Harry had a very fun date with Nicki while Frank, Rob and I went to see a band we liked. (Thank you Nicki!) Before we left, Frank got to read Harry some bedtime stories. But, as Frank learned, reading with Harry does not involve much reading these days, it's more about taking direction. He points to pictures and does not move his finger until you tell him the word for the picture. He turns the pages very quickly, not allowing you to finish reading the page, mostly because he wants to get to his favorite pages. And if he is done with the book, he is done with the book. To the floor it goes.

Here, Harry directs Dad how he wants the book read.

Food is awesome

If you've seen previous posts, specifically the video of Harry panting before dinner, you know that our boy loves to eat.
We took Harry out to breakfast to Pauline's this week.
When the waitress brought our plates out, Harry surveyed the food. His conclusion?
"MMMMMMMM-mmmmmmmm" he said as she set the plates down down.

Mini-Rob waits for his food.

The 37-Year-Old Jogging Suit

This is Rob's jogging suit from when he was a baby...I think we waited too long to try it on Harry! The size says it's for an 18-month-old, but I don't think so...

Our new routine

Now that Harry can pull up in his crib, it takes about an hour longer to get him down for a nap or for bed.

Here's the general chain of events:
1) Place Harry in crib. He pretends like he's going to sleep.

2) 10 minutes later, hear the pacifier being thrown out of the crib, then strange sounds. Go to door and peek in. Find this:

"Hey! I can stand up now!"

3) Lay Harry back down in the crib. 5 minutes later, hear suspicious sounds. Go to door, peek in and find this:

"Hey! Did I tell you I can stand up now?"

4) Lay Harry back down in the crib. Hear nothing for 15 minutes. Think "Wow, he must be asleep." Peek in and find:

5) Wonder if he's been standing up silently for the whole 15 minutes. And if that is indeed the case, why.
Lay Harry back down in crib. 5 minutes later, peek in and find:

"I can't get down."

Ha! I figured it out!

Harry is very satisfied with himself.

This week, Harry learned some new animal noises, which you can see in this video. Whenever he hears the dog next door bark, he stops whatever he is doing and makes a cough-like sound. He makes the same sound whenever he sees a picture of a dog. There's a snake decal on the wall, and he likes to imitate the snake --- "ssssss." Then there's the birdie sound that Aunt Steph taught him this week. It's the "teee..teee.." (supposed to be tweet. tweet.) And his favorite noise, the cats. He has imitated them for awhile, and surprisingly, for a 1-year-old, he is very gentle with them. He rubs his head against theirs whenever he gets the chance, while also making this noise. Even Ella can't help herself, and sometimes, she'll even cuddle her head against his too!

The Weekend

I told you "No more pictures!"

Aunt Angie's going to have another cousin for me soon!

When I got these new cars from Grandpa Steve, I hugged them (the cars). I like to make the cars drive back and forth as close to my eyes as possible, as if I will gain new understanding about cars if my eyes are pressed against them.

Keeping the beat

This boy loves to move to the music. Harry with the first and probably only CD player he will ever have...I'm sure he's thinking "Mom, where's my iPod?"

Batter Up

Harry is ready for baseball season...

(Thanks Georgia for the dipe!)

And, since we have him on the diaper catwalk, here's another new cute one:

(Thanks two little tidbits!)