Ha! I figured it out!

Harry is very satisfied with himself.

This week, Harry learned some new animal noises, which you can see in this video. Whenever he hears the dog next door bark, he stops whatever he is doing and makes a cough-like sound. He makes the same sound whenever he sees a picture of a dog. There's a snake decal on the wall, and he likes to imitate the snake --- "ssssss." Then there's the birdie sound that Aunt Steph taught him this week. It's the "teee..teee.." (supposed to be tweet. tweet.) And his favorite noise, the cats. He has imitated them for awhile, and surprisingly, for a 1-year-old, he is very gentle with them. He rubs his head against theirs whenever he gets the chance, while also making this noise. Even Ella can't help herself, and sometimes, she'll even cuddle her head against his too!

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