Five months old

Where did these come from? They weren't here last month.

A rare moment without his hands in his mouth.

And....back they go.

Is the game on yet?

Dad, Tell me when the commercial is over.


All of a sudden, VERY interested in books.

Ready to Play

Harry was all ready to play when we met up with the other babies in my mom's group.
This next photo was taken just before Harry and this little girl held hands. (If only I was a little faster with that camera!) Everyone in the room pretty much melted at the sight of the two of them holding hands and staring at each other. Then when the other little boy showed up, we put the boys next to each other, and they basically started wrestling.

Trip to the zoo

Harry checked out the pigs and goats at Brookfield Zoo, then promptly fell sound asleep.

His friend Sofia had the same reaction. Here, Kim guards the sleeping babies.

Sofia wakes to give us a smile.

Aunt Alert

Yay! Gillie, Bryan, Indhy and new baby Tristan were in town last week, and Baby Harry enjoyed playing with both of his new friends.
(Interestingly enough, Gillie and I both have two sisters the exact same age, and all of our sisters are friends too. I suspect this posting will have all these aunts in a tizzy to see the kids becoming friends too!)

Indhy, you are so cool.


Aunt Angie helped Harry "stand" in the grass.


The Grammy squeeze

Checking out Grandpa Bob's mustache

Grandma Phyllis can't resist the cheeks

With Grandpa Steve and Grandma Linda

Smell the flowers, Grandma

Indiana Fun

Harry took his first swim down in Indiana this weekend. He so loved the water that he kicked back and took a nap in his little inflatable ring.

Cameron showed off his new swimming skills.

Napping in the pool is apparently tiring.

Post-Cubs Game

Harry's down with it.

Picking a fight with Frank after the game.

Four months old

Showing off

I think I like this

Already a ladies man, Harry gets smooches from new friend Charlie and Alice.