Punk Rock Max

He has been growing a natural mohawk, so we went with it. His attitude at the moment is totally punk rock as well.

We will outsmart you (or at least we will try!)

This is where Harry is supposed to be at 10 p.m. only he is supposed to be sleeping. Ever since he discovered that he could reach the lightswitch, Rob and I have been in a battle of wits with this almost-3-year-old. After we put him to bed, he quietly turns on his closet light, then stays up to read ALL of his books.
This photo is taken after he's been caught midway through.

Once he mastered the closet light trick, he became more bold and just started turning on the main light in his room. We would walk in and he would look up guiltily (That's a good sign, right? he knows he shouldn't be awake?) and say "I read all my books!" And, all of his books would be piled up around him. One of us would say: "Why are you awake?"
And he would look at us and say: "Because I can't listen!"
I felt very smart once I figured out that I could keep him from turning on the light in his room by turning it off from the chain handle on the ceiling instead of the lightswitch.
Rob spent much time this evening figuring out how to tape down the lightswitch in Harry's closet so he can't turn it on. We'll see who wins!

The Race Begins

"He'll never catch me!"
On the run (via Army crawl) from big brother.

"He caught me, but I'm getting faster everyday!"

I do cut Harry's hair, but I swear I did not give him a bowl cut. Not sure what is up with that. This was a snowy, cold day and I left the boys in their cozy footed jammies all day. So cozy and cute I just wanted to snuggle them all day. They don't so much allow for snuggling these days. They're very busy. Evidence:
Max can wave hi and bye-bye. He does this every time someone new walks into the room or leaves, or if he suddenly notices you. When he waves, it's like you can actually see him having the thought, and directing his arm to move.
Harry has discovered the word "because." This has led to some hilarious reasoning.
Why are you awake?
"Because I can't sleep!"
Why are you in Time Out?
"Because I can't play!"
Harry has discovered that he can reach the light switch. Therefore, I am writing this in the dark. Several times a day, you will suddenly find yourself in the dark then hear little footsteps rushing away.
Max is eating more solid food. He sticks his tongue out at you when he's hungry for solid food. It's pretty cute.
Harry is obsessed with skeletons and skulls. Weird but true. He loves to get out our giant world history books, turn to the pages about ancient cultures and read about the skeletons and skulls that have been dug up.
Max is showing a definite interest in cars and trains. He is even playing with them in the correct way, setting a train onto the train track and pushing it along, and sending Matchbox cars down the ramps of our play garage. He has learned from the master.
Max is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking. Oh no! We're thinking he's going to figure out this crawling thing anyday now. And we are not ready for that!