Who you calling little brother?

I am two pounds heavier and two inches taller than my brother was at this age!

haha. just you wait Harry.
Mom freaks out during photo shoot as Harry tries to readjust Max's head.

The brotherhood of chubby cheeks.

Over the past month, Harry has gone from "no baby max" to total love for baby Max. He will try to give max a hug by squeezing him and squishing him as Mom runs screaming from across the room. He likes to point out all max's features by poking his finger directly in his eye, mouth and nose. And he loves to give kisses by basically head butting him. Ugh. Love is a painful thing.

Toddler Stage Diving

We went to see Harry's music teacher perform at Millennium Park one recent weekend morning. Harry turned into a superfan.
Rocking out in the front row with Alice. (Harry in his Cubs hat.)
Harry and Alice break free from the toddler mosh pit.
"I need to get closer to the music," says Harry.
"Here, Harry, I'll give you a boost," says Alice before any bouncers can stop them.

Victory! Harry makes it on stage! Here, he plays the guitar with Miss Julie.
I'm so proud.


I'm two months old!

Here's what we've learned about Max so far: He is a supersmiley, happy baby who LOVES to have his diaper or his clothes changed. He loves baths, and to always be held upright. He likes to bust out of swaddles like the Incredible Hulk. When he hears big brother cry, his lower lip quivers in such a heartbreaking way. He looks a lot like Harry, but with an extra dash of Rob in there. He's bigger than Harry was, but he is still our little sweet pea.

Harry loves America

A very patriotic ensemble for the Fourth of July Party at Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Jeff's.

Max ready to party with Daddy.

Approximately every 5 minutes throughout the weekend, no matter what he was doing, and whether he was near Uncle Jeff or not, Harry would look up and say: "Hi Uncle Jeff!" We heard it at 5:20 a.m. when he woke up, and at 10 p.m. when he went to bed after fireworks. He occasionally took a break from it to ask "Where Cameron go?" or "Where Sydney go?"

Harry had a BLAST with his cousins, who built a train village for him and kept him entertained all weekend.

All the cousins with Great Grandma.

Max and Grandpa Bob.

Enjoying the patio before the rain moved in.

Passing out two exits before home.

In the words of Auntie Steph,

I heart this photo.
They held hands spontaneously after being told we were going to see the water fountain ("or water mountain") in Lincoln Square. Too cute.