Who you calling little brother?

I am two pounds heavier and two inches taller than my brother was at this age!

haha. just you wait Harry.
Mom freaks out during photo shoot as Harry tries to readjust Max's head.

The brotherhood of chubby cheeks.

Over the past month, Harry has gone from "no baby max" to total love for baby Max. He will try to give max a hug by squeezing him and squishing him as Mom runs screaming from across the room. He likes to point out all max's features by poking his finger directly in his eye, mouth and nose. And he loves to give kisses by basically head butting him. Ugh. Love is a painful thing.


Beth said...

As Sherie once said about the love between her two, "That love is FIERCE!"

erik said...

Wow, that kid is huge already.

The "cheeks" picture really shows off the similarities in their faces.