Santa Always Knows!

After our earlier freakout over not specifying to Santa WHICH Transformer Harry wanted for Christmas, it turns out, Santa figured it out!

Oh, man, Christmas morning was the best thing ever. We all had been horribly sick the entire week before Christmas -- so sick we had to cancel our family cookie-making party, which devastated Harry and yours truly. But on Christmas morning, Harry was like Ralphie with that Red Ryder BB gun and it made it all worth it!

Parenting FAIL

In the car, on the way home from seeing Santa, I turned around from the front seat to see Harry's bottom lip puckered as he tried to stifle a sob.
"What's wrong?!" I said.
"Santa's not going to know what to bring me!" he wailed and started sobbing.
"Yes he will." I insisted.
"No, you just told him I wanted a Transformer. You didn't say Transformer that turns into a police car."

Bad Mommy moment. Harry froze when Santa asked him what he wanted so I jumped in and said Transformer. But I was not SPECIFIC! Oh, man did we feel for him. I'm hoping to rectify the situation with a video from Santa that spells out Transformer that turns into a police car!

A Christmas Story

Fun Fact: Everyone's favorite holiday movie, "A Christmas Story" was filmed in the next town over, which has a month-long festival dedicated to the movie. (Complete with an "Oh FUUUUDGE!" race, a Mommy's Little Piggy mashed potato-eating contest and much more fun.) The boys haven't seen the movie yet, but Rob and I were very excited about this. (OK maybe it was just me.)
Matching Christmas sweaters in front of the replica of a storefront from the movie.
Intrigued by the model trains but not quite knowing what to make of all this.

Looking out for little brother.

This year's "official" Santa shot. The festival had an awesome Santa. Max brought along his lovey, Puppy, for support.

Kids could ride a slide down after meeting Santa!