Our new routine

Now that Harry can pull up in his crib, it takes about an hour longer to get him down for a nap or for bed.

Here's the general chain of events:
1) Place Harry in crib. He pretends like he's going to sleep.

2) 10 minutes later, hear the pacifier being thrown out of the crib, then strange sounds. Go to door and peek in. Find this:

"Hey! I can stand up now!"

3) Lay Harry back down in the crib. 5 minutes later, hear suspicious sounds. Go to door, peek in and find this:

"Hey! Did I tell you I can stand up now?"

4) Lay Harry back down in the crib. Hear nothing for 15 minutes. Think "Wow, he must be asleep." Peek in and find:

5) Wonder if he's been standing up silently for the whole 15 minutes. And if that is indeed the case, why.
Lay Harry back down in crib. 5 minutes later, peek in and find:

"I can't get down."

1 comment:

Heather said...

Sister, he throws his stuff out because he thinks it makes you come in. Clever boy.