Harry the Hiker

Harry in the Giant City "Streets" in Giant City State Park. (Have you been? You have to go! It's very cool. Detailed info to come in the Explorer's Guide Illinois!)

This is in Garden of the Gods Recreation Area in the Shawnee National Forest. (yes! in Illinois!) Harry and I did this hike alone and it was all breathtakingly high cliffs. Unfortunately, Harry has inherited my lack of gracefulness (some may call it clumsiness.) So, while I took photos for the book, even though we were 12 feet from the cliff edge, I made him hug onto my leg because I could picture him falling spontaneously from a standing still position and rolling down a cliff. (I am a worrier, it is true, but if you've seen this kid in action, you know what I'm talking about.)
I let him sit for this photograph on a high cliff, although I was freaking out all during the photo shoot that he would suddenly fall backwards and roll upward off the cliff!

More hiking with Mommy through Garden of the Gods. He actually did a really good job. I didn't have to carry him through this moderate-level hike.

Just a cute picture of him playing in a fountain in Vandalia, Ill. (home of the SECOND state capital!)

Family picture at Cave-In-Rock State Park.

I hike too!

Max and Mommy at Giant City State Park. He loves hiking, especially if Mommy runs down hills.

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