A Day with the Babysitter

Our babysitter, Ana, took these photos. Watch as Max turns on the charm.

I love this picture because it shows Harry making friends at the park. Look at that face! How could you not want to be friends with him? (OK, maybe if you've played with him and he has stolen all the toys you have a different opinion, but we're working on that..)

Ahhh! I'm swinging!
My cheeks are now reacting to gravity. (Oh, I love having chubby cheeked babies.)

I want to cuddle this photo right now. Look at these chubby cheeks and the chubby fingers! That is why I am almost sad when he sleeps until 4 a.m. instead of keeping up with his middle-of-the-night wakeups that have been kicking my butt! While I feel happy that he's ALMOST sleeping through the night, I feel sad because this baby phase is so short in the grand scheme of things. (I may also be delusional after a year of sleep deprivation.) All worth it for this little guy though. Such a personality.

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