Vacation Part II

More vacation photos:

Harry spent his time on the beach taking toys out of this basket and then putting them back in.

Dad and Harry on the beach

I can do it myself!

Alice and Elliot check out the ocean from our deck.

Harry and Sam get a squeeze from Alice.

The housemates the night before departure.

A retrospective...

Beth, myself and Sherie as roommates in 1997. Sherie is wearing the "going out" shirt, which is a garment we fought over when deciding who would get to wear it out on Saturday nights. (I later met Rob while wearing the "going out" shirt.)

And here we are in NC in 2008, now sporting an entourage of 8 other people (3 husbands, 5 children.)

On the way home, we had a whole day to kill waiting for our flight, so we toured the U.S.S. Wisconsin in Norfolk. Here are Rob and Harry on the deck.


Mindy said...

Where is that going out shirt? I hope it's in tissue and in an archival box (I think you might know a couple of sources for archival materials) - it's an important historical artifact!

RookieMom Heather said...

what an awesome trip!