Harry and Ba-lack Obama

On Election Night someone brought over a sticker that had the Obama Hope image on it. Harry was intrigued and started asking who "the man" on the sticker was. Soon, he was identifying Barack Obama every time he saw him in the newspaper or on TV. He'd say "Ba-lack Obama. He pre-di-dent." Last week, he surprised us by identifying Obama's voice on the radio. (I swear all of this is happening without any brainwashing attempts from us!) But the best was the other day when Harry saw Obama on the TV, threw up his arms and said "I Yove Ba-lack Obama!"

(cute onesie is courtesy of Georgia, whose mom made this great find. We took advantage of the cuteness and had aunt steph photograph harry in it too.)

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Anonymous said...

What a happy video! And Yove you Ba-lack is precious. What intelligent grandkids I have! Love, Nana