Fairy Gotcha and the party boy

I busted the song "Frere Jacques" out for a recent bedtime, and it's become a Harry favorite.
His two-year-old translation of the title: "Fairy Gotcha."

* * *

We went to a barbeque at Aunt Angie's house recently, where Harry monopolized the push cars that some other kids had brought. Our little dictator gave each adult present a turn pushing him up and down the block though, ordering PaPa, NaNa, uncles, aunts and strangers to "push Harry." Since then, he frequently says: "I go Angie's party?"

"Uncle Joe push you."


Stephanie said...

Yay, Uncle Joe made it on the blog! He'll be so thrilled!

Stephanie said...

You should steal some of those pics from my facebook page where he is playing with the bubbles. Those are so great.