City Boys

In Chicago, you have to declare your allegiances early. Cubs or Sox? Harry and Sam make their choice clear in the above photo, taken at the park this morning. Let's hope there's less heartbreak involved for the boys than there has been for the previous generation :) Love the "No. 1" sign, Sam.
(Note: Click on the photo to enlarge so you can see Harry clapping and Sam's No. 1)

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Natalie Arford (Rob's stepsister) said...

It's Natalie, Rob's stepsister. You know Mom & Bob's anniversary party is coming up. I'm trying to make them a scrapbook of all the important stuff in their lives. I realized I don't have pictures of you and Tob or actual pictures of the boys (they're so cute!. Could you please pick out a few pictures of you and Rob (a wedding picture would be nice) and the kids and send them to me? I'll get copies and send them back. My address is 6545 Cheshire Dr. Dimondale, MI 48821. My email address is
Oh, it's very hush-hush. Mom and Bob don't know about it nor do the other sibs.
Natalie Arford