The Swim Meet

We were lucky enough to get to see Sydney and Cameron compete in a swim tournament last weekend. The boys were completely silent and amazed for the first 10 minutes we were there, as evidenced by the photo below, of Max taking in all the action without a sound.

"Wait! I can't see! Let me press my face against the glass!"
"That is MY cousin racing there!"

"Seriously, she was robbed!" -- Max
Sydney is just wiping the water from her eyes here. (Although seeing them swim and work so hard brought tears to my eyes!)
When Syd got back from her race, Harry looked at her like she was a superstar. He was very impressed.

The boys cheers:
Harry: "Go, Everyone, Go!"

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Beth said...

Dear Harry & Max, I hope that some day your parents let you leave the swim meet in Indianapolis, and perhaps allow you to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. But we shall see....
love, Auntie Beth