December -- Cookie Monsters, Daddy's Museum and Sleepovers

My helpers for the Christmas cookie weekend :)

Max loves to help in the kitchen. (note his apron!) Daily, he orders someone to get his "chair" while he chants "cook! cook! cook!" With the "chair," he can climb up to the counter and boss people around. He is a cookie monster, so he is always hoping someone will oblige and bake some chocolate chip cookies for him when he does this.
How pretty are these?

So Daddy got a new job at the Museum of Science and Industry! Or as the boys call it, "Daddy's Train Museum." We had a fun day there Christmas week with Auntie, Georgia, Baby June, Sam, Alice, Beth & Lach.
Checking out the baby chicks.

The 3-year-old crew is mesmerized by a silver ball. I love this picture bc Beth is floating in the background studying the map. If you have never gone to a museum with Beth, I highly recommend it. She figures everything out and leads you around in a way that makes sense. She figured out that we could hit princess doll house and firefighter exhibit at the same time to please everybody in our group :)
Why Daddy's museum is called "Daddy's train museum" -- the amazing model train exhibit that takes you from Chicago to Seattle. Can you see the pure joy on his face?
Christmas Morning! Woody and Buzz Lightyear arrived! Very big hit, Santa!

I love you, Buzz.
Note Rob in the background, already assembling.

"Mommy, Can you go to your dinner now and go the party with your friends?" -- Harry, wanting Mommy to clear out so he could have his first sleepover at Auntie Steph and Uncle Joe's house.

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