I love this photo. It captures me MID-AIR jumping up and down after we opened our wii, our Christmas present from Rob's family. But note Max, who has no idea what a wii is, but is SO EXCITED!

Daddy and Max napping :)

Harry on stage at the Knurek house.

Yeah, people, I'm really feeling this music.

Our cute grammy and great-grandma

And....drumroll, please.....We'd like to introduce our new UNCLE! (with Aunt Sue, his fiance!)
The boys have already signed off on Chris as great uncle material.

The Cookie Monster in action.

At 3, he is already saying "Can you believe how dorky my parents are to make me pose with them? As if!"

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Kate said...

that jumping picture is hysterical!

also, I probably can't let Georgia see these pictures of Harry with a REAL microphone stand. She recently crafted one out of tape and several found objects and then asked us to get her one. I told her that they don't make them her size. : )