February Fun

Harry had a nice visit with Aunt Sue and Maggie.

Harry and Dad at their Saturday swim class. After every class Harry gives this report: "Swim with Daddy. Face water. Play kids."

Elliot and Samantha were in town, so everyone came over to play. Here, Harry notices that Ben is reading Alice and Elliot a book. He quickly devises a plan to get in on it.

Harry squirms his way in for a prime seat, front and center between the girls.

Pizza party with Sam, Alice, Elliot and Sam (in highchair)

Harry seems to have noticed that Alice is older and wiser, so during one visit, he decides that Alice must obviously know how to read books to him. Here he removes the book she is reading to make way for the Lightning McQueen book he wants to read. Then he tries to sit in her lap, not realizing he is almost as big as her.

He scores his spot and directs Alice to "read book."

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Beth said...

To which Alice replies, "HARRY! I can't read yet!"

I also love that when Harry sees her he says, "Hi A-yice!" about 12 times until she gets exasperated. HELLO chica - you do the same thing to us by asking "WHY?" 52 times in a row!