Harry discovers Columbus

We recently took a trip to Columbus to visit Grammy, and took a swing through the Children's Museum there.

Harry made friends in the treehouse with another little boy named Truman. That's right, Harry and Truman.

Harry didn't quite get the concept of the miniature room and tried to force the ceiling out of the way with his head.

Grammy gives the dance challenge a try.

Finally, a game Rob can't win...(Readers, please let me know if you've ever played a game with Rob that he HASN'T won.)

Taking a spin on the dance floor

And like every great place in Harry's eyes, it had lots of cars and trucks!


Kate said...

Does that apply to all games, or just video games? This calls for a game night! (Or maybe a dance-off, I'm not sure.)

crystal said...

Yes, game night! This applies to all games -- even Monopoly games that he plays with his niece and nephew.