The World According to Harry

Harry likes to identify people he knows in his books, which makes for some pretty fun comparisons. Baby James is everywhere. I thought I'd share some others...

Here's cartoon "Pa." I guess it's the mustache?

Georgia...Hmmm, I kinda see it.

Alice (or more like "Ayice")...Obviously you see the resemblance with the curly hair, right?

Sam...a little blurry, but he's the blue one...this one I get...The next one, not so much...

"Frank & Nicki"
I can only think that it's because Frank wears glasses? and often has Nicki with him when we see them? But Frank & Nicki, don't feel too bad, because look at "Mommy"...

He also calls a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo, who sports some super eyebrows, "Mommy." :)

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